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Code of Conduct


Effective: 9/1/14

The Board of Directors of East Marietta Basketball (EMB) has agreed to set certain behavior requirements for everyone in attendance at our games. Please alert all parents, fans, coaches and athletes of these expectations:

  1. Fans: Support your team!
    • No derogatory remarks to opposing players, coaches or teams.
    • No personal or derogatory remarks directed at Officials, no loud or continuous harassment of Officials.
    • Absolutely zero tolerance for confronting Officials - any physical contact with Officials will involve law enforcement.

  2. Coaches: EMB expects our adult coaches to "set the example" for good behavior, sportsmanship and professional courtesy.
    • You may disagree with an Official's call, do not make your comments personal, angry or derogatory, and once you have made them, drop it!
    • Insist that your players and fans demonstrate good sportsmanship toward opposing coaches, players and Officials.
    • Insist that all of your players shake hands after the game and demonstrate grace in winning and dignity in losing.
    • Do not teach, tolerate, or allow taunting of other teams, "trash talking", or foul language at any point.
    • Lead by example: compliment good plays by opposing players, shake hands with opposing coaches before and after the game, and do not get confrontational with Officials.

  3. Athletes: Show respect toward Officials, other players and other coaches.
    • Do not engage in any form of derogatory comments, "trash talking", foul language, or taunting, regardless of the score.
    • Do not engage in "fighting" as this will result in your ejection from the game and suspension for the remainder of the season.
    • Do not leave your bench, and encourage all other players to stay on the bench if any disruption occurs.
    • Shake hands with opposing coach before the game and with opposing players and coaches after the game, demonstrating grace in winning and dignity in losing.

  4. Penalties:
    • Coaches:
      • A coach ejected from one game will automatically be suspended from the next game; a second ejection during the Season will result in an automatic suspension for the remainder of the Season, subject to the coach's right to an Appeal; serious misconduct could result in additional discipline.

    • Athletes:
      • An ejection for two technical fouls will result in an automatic suspension of an athlete from their next game, and possible further discipline.
      • A second ejection for two technical fouls during one Season will result in a suspension for the rest of the season, subject to the athlete's right to an appeal.
      • An ejection for fighting will result in the suspension of the athlete for the rest of the season; subject to the athlete's right to an appeal.

    • Fans:
      • Ejection from a game for misbehavior will result in your suspension from attending the next game.
      • A second ejection from a game will result in your suspension for the rest of the Season.
      • Any physical contact with a game Officials, coaches, tournament Officials, or opposing players or parents will cause law enforcement to be brought in for possible criminal prosecution, and you may be permanently banned from attending games.

    • All:
      • Continued misconduct by a team, or its Coaches and/or fans, as a last resort, can result in a forfeit.

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