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Playing Rules



Playing Rules

2019-2020 SEASON
Effective: 10/26/2018

The East Marietta Basketball Program shall be played under the Georgia High School Athletic Association Rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Length of Games
    • The 10U Boys & Girls, 12U Boys & 13U Girls, and 14U Boys will play 4 quarters of 7 minutes each.
    • The 14U-18U Girls and 16U-18U Boys will play 4 quarters of 8 minutes each.
    • Overtime: During the regular season, if the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there shall be a series of three possible overtime periods with the winner being the team leading at the end of the earliest period. The First and, if necessary, Second periods shall be 3 minutes for 10U to 14U and 4 minutes for 16U-18U, and the Third, if necessary, sudden death. During the tournament, overtime rules shall conform to GHSA Rules.
    • Mercy Rule: if a team has a 30 point lead with 5 minutes left in the game, then the remainder of the game will be played with a running clock (clock will only be stopped for time outs).
  2. Time Outs
    • Each team will have 3 full time outs plus 2 thirty (30) second time outs per regulation game.
    • During each overtime period one additional time out is added. All unused time outs accumulate and may be used at any time.
    • Game time outs will be for one minute. Three (3) minutes will be allowed between halves of a game. Two (2) minutes will be allowed at the end of the 1st & 3rd quarters as well as between overtime periods for water breaks.
  3. Pressing / Defense
  4. It is up to the commissioner of each age group to determine what types of defense can or cannot be played and when they can and cannot full court press.

    • 10U Boys Div II and 10U Girls - back court / full court pressing allowed in the last minute of second half and the last minute of overtime period(s).
    • 13U Girls - backcourt defense/full court pressing only in the last 2 minutes of the game and of the overtime period(s).
    • 12U Boys Div II - back court / full court pressing only in last 2 minutes of the first 4 games (and last 2 min of OT). After the first 4 games, back court / full court pressing allowed in the 2nd second half of all games and all of OT.
    • 14U Boys Div II - back court / full court pressing only in the 2nd half of the first 4 games and OT. After the first 4 games, back court / full court pressing allowed at any time in the games. 
    • All other age groups - back court / full court pressing allowed at any time in all games.
    • When Full Court Pressing is NOT allowed - once a team gains possession of the ball in its back-court, the other team must retreat to the half court line. If the team, which is now on defense, causes a turnover in the back-court, possession will be returned to the team that had the ball in the back-court. Whether a team has possession is at the discretion of the referee. If a team violates this rule, it will be warned. Repeated violations will result in a technical foul on the offending player at the discretion of the referee. Criteria will be whether the violations are premeditated and intentional. Full court pressing is not allowed once a team has a 20 point lead. It can resume if the lead is cut to 15.
  5. Free Throw distance/3 point shot
    • 3rd grade boys and 3rd and 4th grade girls will shoot their foul shots from the bottom of the foul circle. All other children in these leagues will shoot from the standard distance.
    • 3 point shots are now allowed at all ages.
  6. Behavior and Conduct:
    • The first incidence of player profanity will result in his/her ejection from the game. The second incident will result in a review by the East Marietta Basketball Board of Directors, which may suspend the player for the season.
    • The SECOND technical foul charged to any coach, or any one-squad member of bench personnel shall result in the banishment of the offender from the premises until the game is concluded. For failure to comply, the referee may forfeit the game. Please note an official may toss you or your player at his discretion regardless of number of technical fouls.
    • If a coach or player is ejected, either by means of three technical fouls or otherwise, then he shall be automatically suspended from coaching or playing in the next game. If a coach or player is ejected from two games, for whatever reason, he shall be automatically suspended for the remainder of the season (including tournament play), subject only to reversal by appeal to the Rules Committee, which may reinstate the coach or player.
    • All guests in each gym are to sit across from the scorer’s table and player’s benches whenever possible. If not, sit as far away from the scorekeeper and timekeeper as space permits.
  7. Playing Time
    • All players must play at least one complete continuous (uninterrupted) quarter in the first half of each game, and make an appearance in the 2nd half (at least 2 minutes…preferably 4), regardless of the foul situation. Only injury can prevent a player from his continuous quarter.
    • If a player arrives at a game during the 2nd quarter, then they must play their continuous quarter in the 3rd quarter.
    • At the discretion of the coach, a player may be kept from playing for disciplinary reasons, excessive absence from practice, sickness or injury, provided he puts this in writing and gives notice to the League Commissioner prior to the game. Whenever this happens, the scorer must be notified. Repeated exceptions by the same team will be investigated.
    • If a coach intends to withhold a player from a tournament game, he must notify a Commissioner three days in advance to validate the justification. Failure to abide by any of the above rules will lead to forfeiture of a game and the coach will be suspended for the next game. In addition, coaches of Division I team shall make every effort to play each player a total of one half of each game. In the tournament, If your team has 2 or more players than your opponent at a given game, then you may play one of your players continuous quarter in the third quarter. He/she must however make an appearance in the 1st half.
    • WIDEMAN RULE: A team must have 5 players to start. If a team cannot field 5 players, the head coach with permission from the commissioner may borrow a pre-approved player to get to 5. Once the 5th player on the team shows up, the sub may no longer play.
  8. Basketballs:
    • 10U Girls - junior sized basketball
    • 13U Girls and 14U-18U Girls - intermediate sized basketball (28.5) (leather)
    • 10U Boys Division II - junior sized basketball
    • 10U Boys Division I - intermediate sized basketball (28.5) (leather)
    • 12U Boys Division I - regulation high school basketball (leather)
    • 12U Boys Division II - Intermediate sized basketball (28.5) (leather)
    • 14U Boys and 16U-18U Boys - regulation high school basketball (leather)
  9. Scorekeeper /Timekeepers / Score-sheets
    • Each team will be responsible for providing either an adult scorekeeper or timekeeper for each game they play. Please make sure they exercise reasonable decorum.
    • A score-sheet must also be provided by each team with names and uniform numbers completed. Each coach is responsible for keeping the final score sheets for their team for each game. It is the responsibility of the coach of the winning team to notify the commissioner of the game results as soon as possible.
  10. Game Day
    • It will be the responsibility of each referee, coach, commissioner, and league officer to enforce no shooting of basketballs during down time in or between games (spectators and players waiting to play in the next game are not allowed on the basketball court during time outs and half time, etc). Players should not bring basketballs to games.
    • Tee Shirts - tee shirts worn underneath the players basketball jersey must be the same color of the jersey (i.e. black tee shirt can be worn with a black jersey). The undershirt must be hemmed and not have frayed or ragged edges. Sleeves must be of the same length. No exceptions.
    • Shorts - compression shorts can be worn underneath the players basketball shorts as long as they do not extend below the basketball shorts. Length must be above the knee and they must be the same color of the basketball shorts.
  11. Practices
    • East Marietta will provide each team one regular season practice time per week and two practice times per week in the pre- season.
    • Once the regular season begins, teams will not be permitted to practice more than twice per week.
    • Any violation of this will result in the forfeiture of the team?s next game. This rule has been established to create an even playing field for all teams and to prevent the unauthorized collections of additional moneys from parents to pay for extra gym time.
    • A Coach may not hold it against a player for not attending the second practice (which will considered optional) and the second practice may not last longer than 1 hour. Also, parents of these players cannot be forced to pay for any additional gym time which is not furnished by the league.
  12. Jewelry for players:
    • Players must remove all hard jewelry prior to participation in any game.
    • No plastic or metal clips, barrettes or headbands and all earrings must be removed (not covered with band-aids).
    • All hair restraints must be made of soft rubber/cloth material
  13. Notes on other high school rules which are in effect:
    • Bonus foul shots will be awarded on the 7th team foul in each half and double bonus on the 10th foul of each half.
    • Team fouls will be the combination of personal and technical fouls.
    • Total player personal fouls will be the combined total of personal and technical fouls.
    • Two technical fouls on any assistant coach, player, or other personnel sitting on the bench will result in disqualification and ejection from the gym.
    • All bench technical fouls are charged to the head coach; therefore a total of three technical fouls will result in the head coach being ejected from the gym.
    • Three (3) free throws will be awarded to a player fouled in the act of shooting an unsuccessful 3 point shot.
    • Flopping or falling down without contact to draw a charge is now a technical foul
    • When a player fouls out, a team may not convene for a meeting; if so, the meeting is now a technical foul.
    • No player will be allowed to occupy the low block on foul shots. The top position next to the shooter (formerly not allowed) can be occupied under the new rule. The defense must occupy the first open slots on both sides of the line, the offense may occupy the next open slot next to the defense or leave them open. You still can have up to 3 players on each side of the free throw lane; two defensive players and one offensive player on each side. The 6 lane positions may enter the lane on the release of the ball
  14. Drinks/Food/Gym Etiquette
    • East Marietta Basketball has signed contracts stating there will no food or drinks in gym facilities either during games or practices.
    • It will be the responsibility of all coaches and parents to ensure that we do not violate our contracts.
    • Any violation of this rule will take these privileges away from that team (and possibly the entire league) for future games. Be sure and listen to all directions of gym attendants. Do not engage in any conflict whatsoever.
    • The Board of Directors of East Marietta Basketball has met with the Cobb County Parks and Recreation Commissioners and with the Principals of the local schools where we rent gyms to practice and play our games.

    Following are the drink, food and gym etiquette policies that have been agreed to (no exceptions):

    • No food is allowed in any gym
    • Bottled water will be the only drink allowed in the gyms that allow drinks (exception noted below). Bottled water is only allowed for the players and must be kept directly behind the players bench.
    • Dickerson and Hightower Middle Schools - no water allowed in either gym. Water for players must be kept outside of the gym.
    • Hightower; can only enter gym wearing rubber soled shoes. No chairs allowed to be bought in for spectators watching the practices. Each team is required to clean their bench area after a practice / game. No water bottles should be left behind.

    Any issues or questions with this policy should be reported immediately to the President of East Marietta Basketball.

Note: Rules posted online are formatted for display purposes differently than downloadable version.
  Edited 10/26/2018 

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